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Advantages of Online Psychotherapy with Psyalive 

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Online video-conferencing psychotherapy with licensed, accredited psychologist as low as $50 per session.

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Easily connect with a psychologist at the confort of your home, at your office, or anywhere else, at a day and time that best suits your schedule, using your mobile, PC, tablet or notebook with camera and internet access.

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All professionals in our global list are licensed, accredited psychologists. Anything you share is confidential.

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You are free to choose any psychologist of our World Catalog.

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It is easy, simple and fast! See how it works:



Choose a Voucher



Select a psychologist



Schedule an appointment

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Meet our Psychologists

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Photo of Luciana de Oliveira Castro

Luciana de Oliveira Castro

Brazilian psychologist

Act clinically since 2010, specialized in neuropsychological assessment for children and teenagers up to 16 years old. I have a post graduation degree clinical and institutional psychopedagogy, and  voluntary psychologist at the ACREDITAR Association (Support group for people with cancer). I worked in the Mental Health Clinic of Porto Feliz - SP as a Child Psychologist through…

Photo of Márcia Renata de Almeida Soares

Márcia Renata de Almeida Soares

Brazilian psychologist

The Marcia Soares's Psychology Office, CRP 06/87443, has the doors open for all those who need specialized help. We serve children, youth and adults. We also assist on career counseling, marriage counseling and guidance for parents.

Photo of Viviane Feltrin Gomes Pazzotti

Viviane Feltrin Gomes Pazzotti

Brazilian psychologist

Graduated in 2002. Clinical attendance of adolescents, adults and 3rd age. Associated of Clínica CEAP since 2011

Photo of Luciana Cetrim De Almeida Matos

Luciana Cetrim De Almeida Matos

Brazilian psychologist

I worked 10 years in psychiatry, with Dependents Chemical and family patients. I have a degree in psychoanalytical but i work with the Cognitive behavioral method since 2004. I act in the clinical field with adults, children and teenagers, using the ludo therapy  and exercises within the Behavioural Technical. From the specialization in Chemical Dependency Counselor I started…

Photo of Luciene Bandeira Melo

Luciene Bandeira Melo

Brazilian psychologist

Psychologist specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Master degree in Psychology of human development and socio-educational processes. Post graduated in Psychology (Interfaces between education and health) and strategic Human Resource Management. Wide clinical experience. Experience of teaching psychology. Assistance to adults.  

Photo of Ana Rita de Macedo Moura

Ana Rita de Macedo Moura

Brazilian psychologist

Degree in Clinical Psychology at FUMEC. Psychoanalyst specialized in Ericksonian hypnosis. Degree in Pedagogue at UFMG - Educational Guidance. I've thirty years of practice in clinical psychology and twenty years of practice in Organizational.

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See more of our psychologist’s team:

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