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Advantages of Online Psychotherapy with Psyalive 

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Online video-conferencing psychotherapy with licensed, accredited psychologist as low as $50 per session.

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Easily connect with a psychologist at the confort of your home, at your office, or anywhere else, at a day and time that best suits your schedule, using your mobile, PC, tablet or notebook with camera and internet access.

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All professionals in our global list are licensed, accredited psychologists. Anything you share is confidential.

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You are free to choose any psychologist of our World Catalog.

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It is easy, simple and fast! See how it works:



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Select a psychologist



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Meet our Psychologists

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Luciana Cetrim De Almeida Matos

Brazilian psychologist
Website: https://www.psicologiaviva.com.br/luciana


I worked 10 years in psychiatry, with Dependents Chemical and family patients. I have a degree in psychoanalytical but i work with the Cognitive behavioral method since 2004. I act in the clinical field with adults, children and teenagers, using the ludo therapy  and exercises within the Behavioural Technical.

From the specialization in Chemical Dependency Counselor I started to treat patients with Eating disorders. I use procedures or specific behavioral techniques according to each individual and age. All this set of methods are mainly intended change in a positive patterns of behavior which are harming the person’s quality of life, their emotional and social functioning. I have this methodology as a reference, but yet i clearly realize that each patient is a unique universe that is taking a line as a basis, it changes the extent that the needs of each are different
I apply several batteries of psychological testings, according to demand. My service time varies between 40 and 50 minutes in the individual care and a longer time to combine the group approaches, family.

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See more of our psychologist’s team:

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