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Terms and Conditions of Use


This declaration of Rights and Responsibilities (“Declaration”,”Terms” or “DRR”) represents the terms of the services that govern our relationship with  psychologists, patients or other people who interact with Psyalive, as well as with the brand, products and services of Psyalive. By using or accessing the Psyalive, you agree to this Statement.

I. The test application properly regulated by relevant regulation:

  1. The supervision of psychologicalwork, realized in an eventual form and additional to the process of the presential professional formation.
  2. The Eventual Service roaming customers and / or customers who momentarily are unable to receive assistance personally.

II – Commit myself to share at my personal profile only for services and formations related to psychological practices recognized.


Psyalive is a source of support to psychologists, aimed to enlarge and facilitate  the attendance of appointments of psychologists through the internet in a safe environment.

The platform of Psyalive is not responsible for the content and way of the online attendance, but only a tool for which they occur safely.

Observation: In the event of misconduct by a registered psychologist at Psyalive with a user, we provide a contact address to communicate the lack of and to appropriate measures to be taken. E-mail: rodrigo@psyalive.ca.

Copyrights and Image Rights

The user is forbidden to record any attendance or section, either by recording which appears as images, sounds, text, or other encrypted language, and is expressly prohibited from serving any recordings of sessions, incurring criminal misuse of image and voice of the psychologist and the patient / client.

Resources of the confidentiality and reliability

All the sessions of Psyalive will be performed in accordance with the Professional Code of Ethics Psychologist. The information of the patient/client are only received by the psychologist and are never shared with other people or spread on the internet. No session will be recorded or stored in the platform.

However, the median services for computers can not be considered as totally confidential and reliabil, since they are vulnerable to digital threats.

It is advisable to not use public computers and to always delete historical conversations after the sessions. It is also important to protect your computer with an antivirus and firewall program.

Payment methods

All the plans work in the signature modality with monthly recurring payments. The payment methods are disclosed on the web page as the method Pay-and-Use, which the psychologist has complete freedom to choose which plan suits  him/her and request cancellation at any time.

Below has the details of the plans types, with their individual information following:

Plans types Description
Free In this option, the system will allow you to create a profile page and have access to the social network of the platform.
Basic In this option, the system will allow you to make your attendance schedule available for your presential counseling, be received by attendance and participate in virtual consults through the platform.
The signature value will be charged AUTOMATICALLY, can be canceled at any time within thirty (30) days of the previous warning prior to the renewal plan by sending an email to rodrigo@psyalive.ca
Complete In this option, the system will allow you to make your attendance schedule available for your presential and virtual counseling, be received by attendance and participate in virtual consults through the platform.
The signature value will be charged AUTOMATICALLY, can be canceled at any time within thirty (30) days of the previous warning prior to the renewal plan by sending an email to  rodrigo@psyalive.ca

Psyalive commits to offering the following services for the psychologists:

1 – Online scheduling and payment : It allows the psychologists to offer their services of presential and online appointments, with the possibility of contracting.

2 – Virtual office: The virtual environment that allows the psychologists and patients to communicate, wherever they are and at any time with complete confidentiality and security.

3 – Direct address for your profile: Each psychologist has their own address (unique and private), that will give direct access to their profile, so that it can be promoted to their customers.

4 – Virtual secretary: scheduling system and management of online and presential consultations.

5 – Freedom on the charging and duration of the services: The psychologist has the freedom to set their fees values and duration of therapies.

6  Technical Support: The platform has free technical support to solve any doubts and problems, guiding both patients/clients, through online support, through the phone numbers published in “contact”, and through e-mail: rodrigo@psyalive.ca.

7 – Search System: The home page of the webpage has a search system that allows patients/clients to find a psychologist that fits their needs among those who are enrolled in the online Offices project.

8 – Bloggers: Psychologists from Complete Plan can be bloggers on the Psyalive blog.
9 – Company agreements: Companies can make an agreement with Psyalive to offer special discounts to their employees’ contract providers. It is optional for psychologists accept this agreement or not.
10 – Rewards program: Benefits to psychologists and progressive discounts on subscriptions and a profile in social medias.

Psyalive commits to offering the following services to the patients/clients:

1 – Cancellation and refund of the payment value: The payment of the psychological guidance is done before the session is scheduled. If the client cancels, they could request a refund of the value up to 24 hours before the appointment. If not done at least 24 hours prior,  the refund of the value be not be rewarded. All the charges levied on financial transactions by  the credit card will be discounted from the amount to be returned.

2 – Rescheduling in the case of technical problems: If a technical problem occurs on the Psyalive webpage, that damages the quality, or any sort of technical problem, or if it makes the realization of the service impossible, the session will be rescheduled at no cost to the user.

Observations in the case:

  • The patient who doesn’t attend the appoinment: If the patient does the scheduling and does not appear at the scheduled time, no value will be returned, since that professional was waiting for the consultation time in the system. We remember that the customer may cancel the scheduled appointment with no charge 24 hours before the service.
  • The psychologist who doesn’t attend the appointment: If the psychologist does not attend the session, the patient will have the right to reschedule their attendance with the same psychologist with no extra value, or if they want, they can be refunded the value. If the psychologist for any reason does not attend the counseling, they must send an e-mail to rodrigo@psyalive.ca communicating the occurred event in order to arrange the return of the payment made by the patient/client. If this communication is made by the client/patient for a return/cancellation of the amount paid, it will be provided.

3 – Changing the time of the session: The patient/client could change the time with no cost up to 24 hours before the beginning of the session scheduled. If you need to reschedule, it is necessary to cancel the session up to 24 hours before the beginning of the session scheduled and, soon after, reschedule the session at the new time.

General information about the environment

Access the internet: It is noteworthy that the unique and exclusive responsibility of the access on the internet is that of the the patient/client and the psychologist, Psyalive disclaims any responsibility as the unavailability of connection between the parties.

Connection and speed of the internet: for the session to be performed smoothly, it is important to have good internet speed. To check the connection conditions, access the link  http://www.speedtest.net,  and the minimum values for use is a download speed of 1.0 Mbps.

Maintenance of the system: Psyalive reserves the right to make eventual maintenance of your system, aiming at improvement in the quality of the provided service. If there is a need to suspend the services, Psyalive will notify in advance all psychologists and patients scheduled. Psyalive will prioritize, whenever as possible, that such maintenance will happen between 12am and 5am.

Using the camera and headphones: For the performance of the attendance, it is necessary to use a camera and headphones, wich are the responsibility of the patient/client and the psychologist. To avoid problems during the appointments, we advise that the user conductst tests to verify if all the equipment is working in a satisfactory way.

Using Psyalive on Tablets and Mobile Phones: The procedure is the same as the web environment.

Virtual room for tests: The psychologist will be allowed to access the virtual room for tests, for the validation of the technical conditions of your machine. If  any error happens on the test, you may use another browser or contact our support staff.

System Access: The login for the platform access will be the e-mail registered and the password set on the system, that are for personal use and are untransferable.



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