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About Psyalive


The Psyalive is a support portal for psychologists around the world, that offers a tool of virtual counseling and provides benefits for the psychologists to publish their work on the internet.

The online office is available for psychologists conduct their counseling online with many facilitator resources, such as: profile web page with all the professional information; client scheduling; payment by credit card or debit card, directly by the client; search system to facilitate the clients in finding the most appropriate psychologists for themselves; environment for counseling by video, voice or chat, and many others benefits in a webpage.

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Psyalive was developed in partnership with FCJ Corporation.


The FCJ Corporation is an incubator and was founded by a group of experienced professionals in order to utilize the knowledge gained in decades of work and studies in support of technology start-ups in order to contribute to the young entrepreneurs often have a project, idea or even a dream to materialize, bringing these initiatives to the business context.



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